Minute Taker: Lana Cheong

12:00 pm

  1.Call to Order                                                                      Chair

  • Adopt Basic Rules of Order
  • Introduction of the 2017-18 Board of Directors
  • Verify Quorum
  • Acceptance of Agenda
  • Acceptance of the AGM Minutes of September 21, 2017

  2.New Business

  • Approval of the Audited Statements                        (Leif Bogwald)
  • Appointment of the Auditor                                      (Leif Bogwald)
  • Special Resolution #1: to amend Bylaw 4.3              (Raymond Chan)

  3.Election Results                                                          (Ian MacPhee)

  • Announcement of the 2018-19 Board of Directors


  • Chair                                                                                (Ian MacPhee)
  • CEO                                                                                (Anthony Everett)
  • Marketing                                                                        (Jim Owens)
  • Governance                                                                     (Raymond Chan)
  • Finance                                                                             (Leif Bogwald)

12:30 pm   

5.      Adjourn                                                                     (Ian MacPhee)


*Note: all reports and information for the Annual General Meeting will be provided upon registration at the business meeting.