Thursday September 27, 2018 Conference Activities:


Old Growth Walking Tour – SOLD OUT
Cove Adventure Tours:
Tour compliments of Cove Adventure Tours, no cost to delegates
10 spaces available

Join Cove Adventure Tours for an authentic North Island adventure into the forest to witness some of the largest old-growth spruce trees on Vancouver Island. The tour will begin in Port Hardy and delegates will travel by van for 35-40 minutes out of town on an active logging road where there is a good chance of spotting black bears and white-tailed deer. Once the tour leaves the paved road cell service is gone and delegates will be able to truly disconnect from everyday distractions and reconnect with nature.

On the casual, 1.5 hour walking tour we will see old growth Spruce, Hemlock and Western Red Cedar trees. The trail meanders through varying stages of the forests lifecycle and shows how the trees begin their life, thrive, blow down and eventually provide nutrients for the next generation of trees. The path is littered with ‘nurse’ logs and baby Hemlock trees that are just beginning their journey. The local guides will provide ample interpretation and information on the flora and fauna and local area.

Scenic Boat & Wildlife Tour, Wa’p & Max’inux
k’awat’si Tours:
50% off regular tour rates, $60 + tax per person
24 spaces available

Climb aboard in Port Hardy for a culturally inspired marine tour and visualize this area as it was years ago through stories of the traditional territory. Discover Hardy Bay, God’s Pocket or wherever the wildlife may be. Local guides will take delegates for a 3-hour adventure where they could see marine mammals such as whales, porpoises, stellar sea lions and marine birds. Gain a better perspective of the Port Hardy area and marvel at the beautiful coastal mountains and vastness of the North Island.

Whale Watching Tour from Port McNeill
Mackay Whale Watching:
$50 + tax per person. Minimum of 15 people to commit in order to run the tour.

On this educational and entertaining whale watching tour, you will learn the latest information about the killer whales and be able to listen in on the whales’ vocalizations with the on-board hydrophone. There will be a chance of observing killer whales as well as other species that frequent the area – Minke whales, Pacific White-sided dolphins, Dall’s porpoises, harbour seals, Steller sea lions, humpback whales and a wide variety of sea birds. Delegates will cruise aboard the Mackay’s 55 ft. vessel, the “Naiad Explorer”, offering comfort, heat and washroom facilities for whale watching passengers. The vessel is designed to minimize underwater sound generated by props and engines, thus decreasing any impact upon whales or other marine mammals.

Whale Watching Tour from Telegraph Cove
Stubbs Island Whale Watching
30% off regular tour rates, $75 + tax per person

From early July through October, the waters between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia are home to the magnificent Orca (Killer Whales). The protected waters provide an ideal location to view and listen to orcas and other marine mammals as they feed, socialize and raise their young. Every trip into this diverse natural environment is different. While orca are the primary viewing experience, humpback whales, Dalls porpoises and Pacific white-sided dolphins are regularly encountered and enjoyed. Harbour seals, Steller sea lions and occasionally California sea lions are viewed from our boats. Trips are approximately 3 hours long.

Boats are equipped with underwater microphones (hydrophones) to listen in on the squeaks, whistles and echolocation that allow orcas and dolphins the ability to communicate and locate their food. The captain and naturalists are always willing to answer questions and a short on-board presentation about the whales and other marine mammals is provided.

Sunny Sointula
Sointula Resource Centre
$15 per person

A fascinating history and plenty of rural charm make the community of Sointula on Malcolm Island a memorable destination. The town’s name means “place of harmony” in Finnish. It was established in 1901 when a colony of Finnish settlers arrived with utopian dreams. While their ambitious plans were derailed within a decade, visitors will quickly learn that these visionaries chose the right place for a fresh air and saltwater paradise on earth.

Explore the community’s past and present with a local volunteer as your guide. Begin this 4-hour tour by sailing on BC Ferries from Port McNeill to Sointula on Malcolm Island. Upon reaching the Island you will be greeted by a friendly Sointula local who will lead you on your visit to the Sointula Museum, the Malcolm Island Wasabi Farm (largest in North America), and the Sointula Resource Centre. A mid-tour stop at Coho Joe Café for coffee and a snack will keep you fueled for your visit.