We are elated to offer 7 different awards to those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated great efforts and achievements in the tourism industry over the past year.
Nominations are no longer being accepted for the 2016 Annual Awards.

Awards include

Power of Partners – sponsored by Golf Vancouver Island

Recognizes a business or organization that has demonstrated successful partnerships with other Vancouver Island region tourism businesses or organizations resulting in increased visitation to the Vancouver Island region

Innovator of the Year – sponsored by the Web Advisors

Recognizes a business, organization, or individual that has developed or renewed a tourism product, package, or initiative that captures the attention of visitors and thus increases the desirability of the Vancouver Island Region as a destination.

Multi Media Marketing – sponsored by Tourism Victoria

Recognizes a business or organization for its innovative use of various forms of social media and traditional marketing mediums in a specific and targeted campaign that was successful in attracting visitors to their business or organization and the Vancouver Island Region.

MVP – sponsored by The Sociable Scientists

Recognizes an individual or a tourism business that has demonstrated a commitment to the growth of tourism through outstanding contributions to Tourism Vancouver Island.

The staff of Tourism Vancouver Island, nominates and selects the winner of this award.

Tourism Employee of the Year – sponsored by Whiskey Landing Lodge

Recognizes a tourism employee that has demonstrated exemplary work performance above and beyond the regular call of duty; thereby enhancing business or customer satisfaction

Tourism Sustainability – sponsored by Wya Point Resort

Recognizes a tourism business in the Vancouver Island Region that has that set out to minimize their environmental impact, conserve natural resources, respect local cultures and benefit local communities in the past 12 months. Their commitment to environmentally responsible tourism and changing the way they conduct business serves as an example to the industry.

The FortisBC Award – sponsored by FortisBC

Recognizes a business or organization that utilizes natural gas in their tourism related operation. The successful nominee will have demonstrated that they are a FortisBC customer and are proud to utilize natural gas in their operation.

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